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Norway culture

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Norwegians have many traditions, customs and clothing that are original to Norway. Their culture extends all over


northern Europe because of the Viking raids. Norway’s religion is made mostly of the Church of Norway. Norway also


has a few holidays that that we don’t.


Norwegians have an independence day just like us it is called Syttende Mai. They celebrate their independence from


Denmark in 1814 and Sweden in 1905. Also, they celebrate St. Hans Aften in June at the summer solstice where many


bonfires take place. These date back to days when people worshipped parts nature they are said to keep evil spirits




Norway’s primary language is Norwegian. It is language is spoken in many countries around it such as Sweden,


Denmark and Iceland. It consists of all the letters in English except c, q, w, x and z plus other characters like æ, ø or å.


Famous musicians that are from norway are: Ian Haugland, who is the drummer in the band Europe, John Norum, the


guitarist from Europe and Frida Lyngstad. Famous Athletes that are from Norway are: Sonja Henie, who holds the


record for the most skating medals ever and Bjørn Romøren, who holds the record for longest ski jump in the world


at 239 meters.


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